UI designer for Web, Smart Phone, smart TV and Web front end developer

Hello! There. I am Diptiman. Creative creations are my passion from childhood.
I fell in love with colors, shapes, texts about 7 years ago. For last 4 years I am in web development and 1 year in mobile UI design.
My designs are crisp, clean & creative and my coding is compatible with programming & SEO friendly. In my opinion, who can design his/her own life he/she he is the Best designer in the world.



Acquired knowledge

Knowledge is like sky, we learn more and then we discover there is lot more than our idea. Knowledge is not like precious stone, anyone can find it anywhere. The best knowledge is about “How to live your life”, how to enjoy life and how to help other person. From my point of view 5 great textbook knowledge can’t compare with the experience of meeting with 5 human being.

Every dot of knowledge enriches a man so reach me and enrich me. I am working on UI design for Web, Smart Phone & TV and also in front-end web development, so I have these skills and that's all in short about my knowledge. But if you want to cultivate me then you need to contact with me and you are welcome for the same.
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What I do in professional field


  • Web UI/UX design
  • Conceptual design
  • Illustration
  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Interactive presentation


  • Psd to Xhtml
  • HTML5
  • Java-script
  • JQuery
  • Flash
  • On page SEO

My Hobbies are

Creating handcraft from useless object is my hobby from childhood. I love to do photography though I have not enough knowledge on that. I am 14-16 hours with my computer. I love take challenge on my domain. Making money is not obvious for peace but as I am in peace I am very much interested on it. I don't take tea, hot drink, smoke, actually I don't have any other addiction, I only addicted by technology in my domain.


You can be called as a designer, if you can design your life, otherwise you are interface specific. — I believe

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