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Acquired knowledge

Knowledge is like sky, we learn more and then we discover there is lot more than our idea. Knowledge is not like a precious stone, anyone can find it anywhere, may be it related to technology or may related to life. The best knowledge is about “How to live your life”, how to enjoy life and how to help other person. From my point of view 5 great textbook knowledge can’t compare with the experience of meeting with 5 human being.

My education qualification is Accounts honours from Calcutta University, and joined in Advanced Animation course in Arena. TheITPark was my first company to start my career. I am really thankful to all, who was surrounding me from the first. Life teaches more than anyone, so every time I fall, I learn what to do and how.

By Jargon I should use many terms like - HTML, CSS, Html5, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery mobile, Responsive design, Fluid design, Blueprint, Less, 960, User Interface, User Experience, Application Design, iPhone and Android Design, On Page SEO, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, In-design, Illustrator, Axure to express my work area. I am eagerly waiting for a design research work for better user experience & better user interaction. Social Media Marketing is one of my latest will :) really cross fingered and waiting for proper time to learn and utilize.

Every dot of knowledge enriches a man so reach me and enrich me. I am working on UI design for Web, Smart Phone & TV and also in front-end web development, so I have these skills and that's all in short about my knowledge. But if you want to cultivate me then you need to contact with me and you are welcome for the same.


You can be called as a designer, if you can design your life, otherwise you are interface specific. — I believe

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